***Last year’s draft— This cunt though.

The other night, a friend called me a bad mother. She made accusations about me on my own post and then proceeded to private message a friend of mine to make sure she knew that I was a bad parent. Now, this was not a close friend. I met her maybe six months ago? But, she totally seemed cool enough. She is into rescue just like I am and we actually foster kittens for the same mutual friend and her rescue.

The woman said that I curse my children out, have them raise my three year old and punish them for the things that the things the three year old does. All of these accusations of which, are false.

I will by all means, take responsibility for the fact that I use um, COLORFUL language and it takes over a lot when I get excited or upset. And, yes. I have used curse words towards my children at one point or another. (As I am sure most every parent


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