#blacklivesmatter; even to a girl from Mississippi

***This is a draft from last year. Again, not sure why I didn’t publish it or finish it. But, I do remember being lit the fuck up about something and decided it would be best to not address it in this blog.

I will be 40 in two months. I am from Mississippi. I was raised with a member of the KKK as my grandfather. I don’t say that with pride. But, I can tell you that aside from the discipline and the insane amount of church that I was forced to attend, my grandfather was and continues to be a good man. I don’t dare ask the things he saw. The things that he may have participated in.  All I can say is that I still love this man. Despite all the things that he preaches in true Sunday Christian fashion and the way that he will call a man a ‘niggra’, I still love him.

What I cannot and will not tolerate now that I have a voice is those that feel okay with spewing vulgar names, pushing the already present racial divide.

I’m getting off topic here so, let me pull it back in.

I believe in the #blacklivesmatter movement. The black community needs us right now. Since every one seems so desperate to need to claim a hashtag, we now have #alllivesmatter.  We now have #bluelivesmatter. I’m sure that there is a #muslimlivesmatter. My thoughts…



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