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I wanna be a party DIVA when I grow up…

Here’s the deal.  I love parties.  I love planning get togethers with friends. I get giddy when anyone mentions, “game night”.  And for gosh sakes, don’t let me hear the words “first birthday”.  I started planning my son’s first birthday in April of 2013.  He was five months old.

And, I rocked the shit out that fucking Hungry Caterpillar.  HA!  I don’t believe that there is any way possible for me to top that one but, I continue to try.  There was a candy bar. There was a milk and cookie bar. There was a bar full of bar-b-que  with all the sides.  Handmade everything.  All the way down to the PB&J lunch bags for the kiddos.

For my older sons’ 9th and 10th birthday, I did a Minecraft theme.  Down to the hand cut, pink, pixelated pig for Pin the Tail on the Pig. I had a blast hand making the Creeper invitations.  It was absolutely perfect.

I love party planning.  The organization, the themed decorations, the food.  There is nothing like seeing the look of happiness on children and adult faces alike when they see a bean bag toss and a piñata. Add some prizes in there? You are a forever favorite. That look is almost an addiction.

With all that being said,` I think that it may be time to go one step farther with my love of things tulle and ribbon. My infatuation with cakes, centerpieces and love of great party foods has led me here.

So, it’s with great pride and excitement that I am sharing with you that I am starting my very own event planning business.  And, I’m inviting YOU along for the ride.  It’s going to be new. It’s going to be challenging.  And overall, it’s going to be a fucking blast.

Stay tuned for more on my new adventure.  I can’t wait to share the journey with you.




About melodyswatson

Thanks for giving this blog a chance. Well, it would have been cool if you would have tried it when I started it like, FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO! But, water under the bridge and lets go from here… ;) I am a soon to be, 40 year old mother of three boys, proud wife to one sexy ass Navy Chief, fur-mom to two dogs, five cats, two rats and a black corn snake. I thrive on chaos and therefore I also bottle feed and foster underage kittens for my girlfriend's rescue. I am THE Crazy Cat Lady. I live in Southern California (yes, you can be jealous now) and own my home so… I won't ever be leaving! I am not close to my family mainly because… well, I don't really relate to them. But, I love the fuck out of my friends and will do anything for them. I hope that you will follow this blog. Mainly because it would nice to hear your own experiences or times you relate to something you read on here. But, also be aware that I am NOT an everyday, on schedule blogger. I blog when I have something to share. Always remember that forced words on paper are just as fake as that 'comeback' you have towards someone ten minutes too late. Let it go and wait for the next victim. I am also a staunch supporter of swearing. If I didn't swear, you would know that I was dead. So, take a stroll down memory lane on this blog and follow my thoughts and adventures.

2 responses to “I wanna be a party DIVA when I grow up…

  1. goulart

    Well, it’s about time! I’m sure you’ll do well. Even though I wasn’t there, I saw a lot of the caterpillar madness on FB, and it was impressive.

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