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I can’t believe that I am blogging. Twice. In a week. WTF?

Ah, yes.  Now I remember why this is my second blog entry in a week.  Absolute and utter exhaustion.  Well, close to it at least.

I have been awake since 5:05 am.  (I almost wrote, “this morning” but, the “am” probably gives that away…sigh)  Not to mention that this is the first day trying to get back on track with this weight loss thing.  (I have gained 8 pounds since May 22nd.  NOT okay.)

Before I could even leave for work this morning, I see my middle kid limping.  Now, I have to say that I have an extreme issue with kids and the playing up any illness or injury.  And trust, this is usually the case around this house.  But, for once, not this morning.  I guess that I should back up a bit and offer the prelude of this situation that the two older boys went camping for the first time this weekend.  And now, back to my tale…

The middle kid is limping.  I sit on the stairs and grab his foot.  There is a fucking HOLE in his foot and his toes are swollen in this really creepy way that makes them look completely deformed.  In case you missed this, A FUCKING HOLE. IN HIS FOOT.  IN THE TOP OF HIS FUCKING FOOT.  I’m going to save the gory details.  Just know that it was as disgusting as you are imagining right. This. Moment.

Fast forward to me having to get ready to leave for work.  I go to the fridge to try and find something to grab for my low-cal lunch and then I see it.  On the very bottom of the fridge, underneath the produce drawers, there is a puddle of funky water that makes me literally, sick to my stomach.  I start grabbing drawers out and piling them up so that the husband can start washing them and then, I see it.  Yes.  Another “it”.  How in the hell did I miss that much MOLD in the back of my fridge?  Fucking seriously?  Faster forward… thanks the other half of the matrimonial union, we now are in the possession of a fridge that is most likely more clean today than when we bought it.

Productive day at a job that I enjoy and then I get home.  The middle kid’s foot is no better.  You remember that one, right?  The one with the HOLE in his FOOT?  Yeah… I totally gave my kid the option of A.) Me taking my craft room, Exacto knife and lancing this bitch to get it to drain or, B.) going to the ER so that a professional can look at it and determine if an Exacto knife is even really necessary at this point.  (btw, I highly suggested the ER vs. mom with the look of MD hero status in her eyes)

Off to the ER.  Fun times.  Bacterial infection that was the beginning to abscess.  Two antibiotic shots, antibiotic cream, two antibiotic scripts and we were on our way.  Oh.  And crutches.  I definitely can’t forget those fucking crutches that he won’t allow to leave his side.  Honestly?  I think that in between being allowed to be wheeled around in the wheelchair, the hot PA and the crutches…this may have been the highlight of his short 9 years.

I am utterly exhausted.  I am sitting here now, just finished the delicious Taco Tuesday meal that the husband made and counting down the minutes until I can shower and crawl into my freshly sheeted bed.

Then there is that.  I have to make my bed.  Let’s do this.


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