Why do I write this blog?  

Why don’t I write on this blog more often?

Well, my friends… I try and only write when there is something worth remembering or something worth reading.  Tonight, I have a short but, goody of both.

I was in the kitchen, making plates for dinner and Evans comes downstairs from taking his shower.  We are in the process of allowing him to grow out his hair with the condition that he keeps it washed and neat looking.  Tonight, he had styled his hair into a somewhat, asymmetrical mohawk well, THING.

He walks into the kitchen, strikes a pose and tells me, “Hey, Mom, I’m a ROCKSTAR!”  Please understand how hard it is to take this child seriously when the mohawk that he obviously took some time to style but, without a doubt, had his head cocked to one side at the time is staring me in the face.

“No, what you are is a dork that can’t get his shit straight.” (That’s me saying that…)

He looks at me and pointed a finger, “No, YOU’RE a a dork who can’t keep their shit str….”  (That’s Evans saying that)  

Insert hand over mouth of a truly mortified, eight year old and uncontrollable laughter from two parents that tried with all their might to get him to say it again.


“I MEANT TO SAY ‘STUFF’!”  Sure you did kiddo.  Keep telling yourself that.  And, btw… check out that crooked ass mohawk, THING.