It’s time…

I’m sitting here.  Alone.  For the first time today, I am by myself.  

Tomorrow, December 17 at 17:17 (That’s 5:17pm for you non-military folks), my Jasper will be a whole year old.  I can’t believe where the time has gone.

Intrigued since day one with the 17-17-17 sequence of his birth, I have often found myself comparing what his 17 in numerology says about him.  What I should expect, what he will possibly become.


“This people differ with their creative potential and desire to be successful. They have a deep critical and analytical mind. The innate ambition is helping them to achieve their goals by dignified ways. People of Number 17 are able to take life as it is, and they take the material values of life as something, that suppose to be here, because the main thing for them – is the inner tranquility. They have a strong characters, and life circumstances can not break their spirit. Never rest on their laurels, always set themselves new goals. They like to take a significant responsibilities. People of this Number always believe in their good luck and their own strength.

They usually think well before they do something. They have the ability to see perspective and, most importantly, see how different things appear in the interaction. Those born under Number 17 are able to work effectively and implement large projects. They also like to receive a significant social status. Some of them may be too much addicted to money and properties. Sometimes a certain romantic self-confidence (if it has no further actions) and a penchant for dreaming does not allow them to fully develop their talents. Despite the fact that this people are a pronounced individualists, they are strangely dependent on the feelings of others, though they are quite capable of ignoring the strange views and wishes.

They should bear in mind that the solution to any problem does not depend on other people, but it comes from within. The best way to achieve success for them – is to stand firmly with both feet on a solid ground and to determine the real basis for a meaningful existence of their personality and the world around them.


Emotional characteristics


People born under Number 17 are very volatile and restless by nature. Therefore they often can not keep the balance and it is difficult for them to be seriously attached to one and same person for a long time in the early period of their lives. Sometimes, a person born under Number 17, has to start and end several relationships to find the right spouse. Such people are always looking for safety and always think about the future. Due to their constant changes these people are very interesting (and sexually interesting as well), because you never know what they will do next. They have a large sexual appetite, but they are not rude and they can not be called “wild”.

They like to change partners from time to time, but such deviations do not affect the ongoing relationship. The spouse of number 17 should remember, that if he (or she) is willing to preserve the family peace, it is good to be surprising, different all the time – that will allow your Number 17 to satisfy his inner tendency for changes without destroying relationships, that he really value. Always change, always invent something new and these adventures will make life with your Number 17 spouse more interesting and more safe in the same time.

Number 17 – a very good number that has some mysterious powers. These people are endowed with the intuitive knowledge about their friends and family, they are very creative and inventive. The only drawback is their love for changes, which may bring them to the extremities. They must always make sure that the change they want is really reasonable – otherwise it will bring more harm, than pleasure. 

Generally people with the Birthday Number 17 are very charming, and they are easy to deal with. Nobody ever knows what will happen tomorrow with such a person, and the element of surprise makes them wonderful and very interesting people to live with. People of Number 17 are usually rich or they may improve their welfare. Very often their life is better in it’s second part – when their misunderstandings with world and people are already far behind. In general, this is a good number, and those born under Number 17 are usually lucky.”

When I look at my little man, I see nothing but an 8.0 pounds newborn that was handed to me a year ago and that has never left my side since.  He has brought the final piece into our family to complete the circle.  My little MMA contender.  

Happy Birthday, Willem Jasper Bodhi Watson.  I love you more today than yesterday and will love you even more tomorrow and every day that follows. 



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