Re-post from my November 30th FB post…. Things to reflect on later down the road.

Day 29 and 30… These days, I am thankful for the fact that I don’t have to come up with anymore ridiculous things to be grateful for. Now, You must suffer through 30 of the little things that I am truly grateful for…

1. I am grateful that, even though we don’t have a lot of money, we have what we need to make ends meet. 
2. I am grateful that, I have people in my life that are so fucking judgmental of my life, my choices and the ways that I choose to raise my children that, they keep me in check. See, they are good for something!
3. I am grateful that my boys are excelling in school here in Murrieta. This would never have happened in the San Diego school system.
4. I am grateful that, aside from sniffles and tummy aches, my boys are healthy and for the most part, HAPPY. Take that, you judgmental fucks.
5. I am grateful for my husband. There are so many things that he does that makes me happy on a minutely basis that, I can’t really list them all. 
6. I am grateful for… the chance that I have to stay home with Jasper. 
7. I am grateful that, I got pregnant with my Jasper so quickly. I can’t imagine having to have waited to have this little piece of amazingness in my life any longer than possible. 
8. I am grateful that, Evans is the smartest and most caring child. He is annoying as fuck but, then… he is the most caring and compassionate little boy. With that, people that I refer to in #2, take that. I must be doing something right after all.
9. I am grateful that… Morgan has warmed up to Jasper like he has. It was touch and go for a little while and now… best buds.
10. I am grateful for, a huge house that is never really clean enough for my OCD tendencies but, clean nonetheless.
11. I am grateful that, I have met so many people in the small community and so, far… no crazies!
12. I am grateful for… for the last year and a half, I have been able to go to bed with my husband (for the most part) every night without the worry of the dreaded, early morning, tears laden “drop off” at the pier.
12. I am grateful that… the Navy has afforded us a lifestyle that has allowed and sometimes forced me to learn how to adapt.
13. I am grateful for, good health that some don’t have the luxury of. 
14. I am grateful that… my Jasper is such a happy baby. He may be spoiled rotten but, no one has to deal with him but me. 
15. I am grateful that… I have so many things to be grateful for that I am actually having to stop and think of what I want to put next…
16. I am grateful for, my ob/gyn that I was fortunate enough to have deliver all three boys. Our entire family loves her dearly.
17. I am grateful that, when I am having a rough day, (which is often these days) and even though my husband has just gotten home from work, he doesn’t say a word when I want to go to Target and just walk around and have a coffee.
18. I am grateful for my uber comfy bed that I sleep in every night. 
19. I am grateful that I have not only my new friends but, old ones that step up to the plate and force me to accept help even when I don’t want to.
20. I am grateful for… kids that are happy to get to school every morning. 
21. I am grateful that I walked into that bar so many years ago and met the man of of my dreams.
22. I am grateful for Jasper’s non-waivering, sense of humor. Even suffering from pneumonia, he was funny and outgoing.
23. I am grateful that… Watson and I made that decision so many years ago that I was not going to stay in Mississippi but, move to California and start our lives together.
24. I am grateful that I was older when we had our first baby. I got a chance to make many mistakes, somewhat learn from them and move on to a whole other set of mistakes.
25. I am grateful for the 4+ years of sobriety that I have. It’s been the best ride, EVER. 
26. I am grateful for the doctors at Sharp Mesa Vista that made me see what sobriety had in store for me and how to know the signals of stressors that could cause a backslide.
27. I am grateful for health insurance that makes sure we are all taken care of without fear of being turned away.
28. I am grateful that… in my older years, I have found that even though I do not have the politically correct filter, I have learned to control some of the things that leave my mouth. 
29. I am grateful for ALL of my friends. Not one of us share all of the same ideals or morals but, we have managed to find that happy medium where we still love each other.
30… I am grateful that through no decision of my own, the people that have no place in my life have removed themselves before I was forced to do so. In all honesty, it’s probably better this way. 

There. I’m done. As I close the books on this month of lots of false gratefulness and bullshit, there is my list. There are many more to add but, those are mine and they need not be vocalized or put out on social media to be acknowledged.

Much love….


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