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Note to self… “Self, it’s called a GAS CAN…”

So, let me recap my afternoon for everyone. (If you really don’t care, don’t worry.  I don’t care that you don’t care.  Continue reading.

I have two babies that I am taking care of today. We have to pick up Julian and Jaime at their school and then my boys at their school. Well… what happens when you think that your husband put gas in the truck last weekend but, turns out that it was the weekend BEFORE?
DING, DING, DING!!!! You run out of gasoline right in your very, own driveway!
You fill a SUBURBAN with a gallon of gas and it does NOTHING but, get you to the end of your street.
But, it’s a SUPER way to meet your very nice neighbor, Andre, who has just a bit of gas in his can. He gives it to you. You make it about 1/4 mile down the street as Andre passes by you, honks and is on his way to go fill his gas can to get your moronic ass back on the road.
Enter the nicest, female police woman that I have EVER met. Most are total biatches. She waits with me until Andre gets back with gas to make sure that the idiots don’t honk and/or hit you as you sit on the side of the road.
Enter Karen’s friend, Kelly, who was kind enough to wait with J&J until I could FINALLY get to their school to pick them up.

I am home. With SIX kids and a pounding headache.

And, did I mention that Andre did not WANT me to take his gas can and refill it? As expensive as gas is and this total stranger is telling me that it’s not necessary. Oh, yes. Yes, it is. I literally yanked the gas can and told him that I would bring it back this afternoon.

And, why is it… even though you KNOW that you had not done anything wrong, your heart pounds when a cop pulls up behind you?

I am so glad to be home and now it hits me… for the first time in my life, I had this many kids at my house and I am not going insane. I guess old age really does soften a person. Fuck, I HATE that.


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Thanks for giving this blog a chance. Well, it would have been cool if you would have tried it when I started it like, FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO! But, water under the bridge and lets go from here… ;) I am a soon to be, 40 year old mother of three boys, proud wife to one sexy ass Navy Chief, fur-mom to two dogs, five cats, two rats and a black corn snake. I thrive on chaos and therefore I also bottle feed and foster underage kittens for my girlfriend's rescue. I am THE Crazy Cat Lady. I live in Southern California (yes, you can be jealous now) and own my home so… I won't ever be leaving! I am not close to my family mainly because… well, I don't really relate to them. But, I love the fuck out of my friends and will do anything for them. I hope that you will follow this blog. Mainly because it would nice to hear your own experiences or times you relate to something you read on here. But, also be aware that I am NOT an everyday, on schedule blogger. I blog when I have something to share. Always remember that forced words on paper are just as fake as that 'comeback' you have towards someone ten minutes too late. Let it go and wait for the next victim. I am also a staunch supporter of swearing. If I didn't swear, you would know that I was dead. So, take a stroll down memory lane on this blog and follow my thoughts and adventures.

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