At least he has good taste in music. I think…

This morning as I was waiting in the carline to drop the men-children at school, Evans (the eight year old) is sitting in the passenger seat just bobbing his head and butt in the seat.  (There’s no music on, mind you)

I chose to ignore this behavior that most might consider as “odd” as, this is completely normal for MY son.  

Then, without warning and loud enough to stop me from breathing for a second, make the baby start to wail and leave Morgan in a stunned, unnatural silence, he starts belting out the words (or what he perceives to be the words) to what for it….

Ballroom Blitz.

Although, his version went something like this…

“Oh, yeah, it was… lightning
Everybody was frightening

… the music was soothing

And they all started grooving
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, YEAHHHHHHHH

And the man at the back said, lalalalala… ballroom at the Ritz
Everyone attack lalalalalala, turned into the ballroom at the Ritz
And the girl in the corner said
lalalalalala it’ll turn into a ballroom at the Ritz.”

Morgan:  Evans, I don’t think that right.  No one makes up a song about crackers.





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