No sign of plants but, I found some pants!

I have been searching for a kids’ show forever now without actually BUYING the DVDs that are completely overpriced, The Doodlebops.  I remember being in Japan, sitting in our home and my boys being enthralled with these three characters that, at the time, seemed so freaking ridiculous and annoying as hell.

But, I was in the throws of depression and alcoholism so, I remember sitting on the couch and suffering through it just so that they would leave me alone.  Many a time, that show saved me from being what they needed more than the television.  Their MOM.

Fast forward just about four years.  Today, I sit here in our home, watching my six month old baby boy watch with wide eyes and total amazement at these three very animated and musical characters.  He’s loving it.  Much like my older two did a few years ago.

Morgan, my middle boy, is standing in the kitchen, eating his yogurt with granola and I look back at him to see if he is enjoying this show that was part of his WORLD just a few years ago.  

“Hey, Morgan… do you remember watching this when we lived in Japan?

Morgan: “Um, no.  I don’t remember that at all.”

“Really?  It was your absolute favorite.”

That’s when it hit me.  My boys are growing up and those days don’t last forever.  Not in the physical sense and definitely, not in the psychological sense.  His memories fade when mine should be the ones that were impacted.  Then again, in his and his brother’s situation at the time, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

With that my baby, Jasper, crawls for the very first time.  It seems just like yesterday that I was being prepped for surgery to get him into my arms.  the next day, we were home and now?  Crawling.

ImageIt really doesn’t last forever and even though he won’t remember this day, I know that I will.  



Sayanara, Bloody Tooth Witch!

Morgan:  “Mom, this time do you think that I will get more than $3 for my tooth?”

I don’t know, Morgan.  I doubt it.  Why?

Morgan:  “Well, I WANT more than $3.”

Well, then you will have to wait and see what the tooth fairy leaves you.  

Fast forward to the next day…

Morgan:  “Mom, my tooth is still here and there is no dollars.”

(SHIT!, I forgot the fucking tooth last night.)

Well, it looks like the tooth fairy must have been super busy.  Just put it back and I’m sure that she will get it tonight.

Morgan: “Mom, can you just give me my dollars?  We both know that the tooth fairy is you.”

Wait, so, you don’t believe in the tooth fairy and you made such a big deal about it with the last tooth even though you KNEW that it was me?

Morgan:  “Well, yeah.  Duh, I’m not 6 years old anymore.”


You.  Little.  Jerk.