PB & O sandwiches, liars and Boogie Men. It’s a world crisis…

Watson trying to rationalize with a lying 7 year old…

Watson: “If you would have just told me that you kicked Odin in the face and not lied, I would have fussed at you, told you that it was mean and then made you go hug Odin and tell him that you were sorry. But, Odin is a dog and he doesn’t speak English so, he wouldn’t have understood you anyway.” 

Insert uncontrollable laughter —-> HERE.

He then proceeds to tell a scared, lying 7 year old…

Watson: “I don’t care what humming you think that you hear from under your bed, either you make the Boogie Man a peanut butter and onion sandwich and he leaves you alone or you don’t and just go to bed and deal the fuck with it.”

Note to self: “Self, check credit balance on men-children’s therapy fund.”


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