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When I’m not with you, then talk!

This morning I happened upon a conversation between the men-children.  Apparently, the one that I feel talks the most and NEVER shuts up, feels the same way about his older brother.

Evans:  “And then, remember when you made that Lego man and we were using the Lego motorcycles?”

Morgan:  “Evans, do you know that you gave me a headache yesterday?”

Evans:  “I can’t make you have headaches.  That is stupid.”

Morgan:  “You talk so much that I get a headache from hearing you talk.  Your voice gives me a headache.  Stop talking to me.”

Evans:  “After school, I think that we can do our homework and then watch t.v..”

Morgan:  “Do you know that when I go to my classroom I don’t have to see you or talk to you and then I don’t get a headache from you talking so much to me?  You should be quiet and not talk to me so much.  Then, I won’t get a headache and I will want to talk to you more times.”

Evans:  “I don’t talk that much.  YOU talk too much and give me a headache.”

Morgan:  “Well, I think that we should both quit talking and then my headache will go away because I don’t have to hear you talk to me.  Okay?… OKAY, EVANS?”


Sounds like a gosh damn GREAT idea to me!


*Side note*  They are both still running their mouths about who the smallest member of our family is.  Morgan is convinced that it is now Chuck Norris and Evans has to jump in to tell him that no.  The smallest member is definitely Lizzy, Rocko and Zane.

Myself, being the one that won’t have a discrepancy in this most definitive family convo pipes up with that, if we are being technical, the smallest member of this family would be Morgan’s betta fish.  She is a female.  Therefore, smaller than the fancy-pants, male betta that inhabits Evans room.

Debate ends rather abruptly.


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