Don’t be a BOOB!

Don’t be a BOOB!

Breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding.

I think that even though I am no longer breastfeeding Jasper, I might pick up her book. I know that on many occasions with all three boys, I have been made to feel like less of a mother for choosing formula over breast.

I was watching her on KTLA and she said something that I feel every time that I hear someone go on about how horrible formula is and that if you choose to formula feed, you must be anti-breastfeeding.

Just because I am unable to breastfeed does NOT make me anti-breast! I truly believe that breast feeding is the best thing for a baby but, ultimately, I shouldn’t be judged as less of a mother because of our family’s choice and our pediatrician’s advisement. I also, find it slightly annoying that if, in public and I mention that Jasper must be hungry, I am automatically asked BY STRANGERS whether I breastfeed or not. Then, my human nature kicks in and I feel the need to justify my feeding choice.

I don’t mind seeing a mother breastfeeding ANYWHERE. My older boys have been exposed to it with numerous friends and with myself as I attempted to BF their baby brother. There is no shame in BF. There is also no shame in taking an alternate route with formula. Jasper is THRIVING more now than during the few short weeks that he was BF.

Am I envious of mothers that ARE able to BF their babies for months and months? Yes. Envious to a fault. But, I won’t continue to apologize to do what is best for my son and our family.


2 thoughts on “Don’t be a BOOB!”

  1. What is best for baby is what is BEST, no matter how baby is fed, AS LONG AS BABY IS FED!!!!!! They need to be nourished and that is that.

    If I could “add” to your post 🙂 I had to pump for Victoria so she was bottle fed breastmilk and even then people just assume it’s formula


  2. I was made to feel like a horrible mom by many (including the couch) because I had no want to BF the twins. I dislike how society makes you feel like shit if you can’t BF, choose not to BF and that your children are going to grow up all f’d up.


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