To Spam or not to Spam… That is the question.

Good morning!  So, as I sit here, minding my own business this morning, a commercial appears on the television.  It’s for Spam.  Yes, I said “Spam”.  This reminds me of two things. First, I remember that there is a can of the mystery meat hanging out in my pantry.  A can of meat that has made not one but, TWO moves to TWO different houses.  It’s still here.  In fact, it’s been there since June of 2011.  Every once in awhile, I see it or vaguely remember that it’s hanging out in there and I check the expiration date.  Hoping, that at some point, it won’t seem wasteful to throw that perfectly good can of compressed meat into the trash.  Which then brings me to the second thought…

When I was pregnant with Evans, I went on the hunt for Spam.  Call it a craving, call it self loathing but, I wanted it.  No.  Not, “wanted” it.  NEEDED it.  As I stood in front of the grocery store display, and as much as I NEEDED that can of Spam, (Oh, all the choices!!) for whatever reason, I thought of that gelatinous mass that surrounds the miracle, mystery meat.  Long story, short… I opted to leave the aisle rather quickly and proceeded to the packaged sandwich meat and settled on bologna.

Jasper cries, I snap back to reality and leave the Spam there in the pantry, yet again.  One day, Spam.  One day.  


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