UGH. Just, UGH.

Melody’s Pet Peeve of the Day: (and this one is going to piss some of you off)

I cannot stand it when I hear someone refer to their pet(s) as their “fur children”, “fur babies” or fur ANYTHING. It makes the fur on the back of my neck stand up.  Although, this does afford me the opportunity to call my children pretty much anything that I want.  Hmmm…

Yes. I know that many people think of their pets as their “babies”. That is not what this rant is about. It is the actual utterance of one of the aforementioned monikers of endearment that I abhor.  Right along with painting the toenails on your cat, (or trying to, hehehe) a harness on a Guinea Pig (WTF are you hoping to accomplish?!) or a parka on a dog.  


Stop.  Please.  

Thank you. Rant over.


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