Non-existent Santa Claus vs. The Very Real Tooth Fairy

Okay, riddle me this….. My kid told me at Christmas that Santa Claus was not “logical”. Tonight, with this loose tooth issue, I tried to convince him that there was in fact no tooth fairy and that it was mom and dad that gave the cash for the tooth. HE DID NOT BELIEVE ME! Let me get this straight….he doesn’t believe in Santa but he DOES believe in a cracked out fairy that has nothing better to do than take nasty, bloody teeth from kids that routinely forget to brush, floss and rinse but, choose to  leave cash for them? WTF?!

Apparently, I have done more damage to my child in his short 69 months here on the planet earth than I could have ever imagined.  Go Melody! 

(Originally posted January 18, 2011)


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